accreditedWe’re not just licensed…we’re accredited. Accreditation promotes excellence in child care settings.

Welcome to The Adventures!

We are a unique, Calgary-based out-of-school program that recognizes the needs of school aged children, as well as the needs and concerns of parents. I operate programs within Andrew Sibbald Elementary, Lake Bonavista Elementary, McKenzie Towne School, and Sam Livingston Elementary.

My name is Stephanie Scott and I have been successfully operating The Adventures for several years. I recognize the need to help children enhance their social skills and self-esteem so they feel confident in rising above challenges that the future will bring.

The programs and philosophies are based on what I have experienced and seen as a need to build child development. Ensuring that the children have a well-balanced program that is inviting, stimulating and inclusive of all needs is our mandate.

Are Heroes born? Or are they made?

Inside every child is a hero waiting to be discovered. Children get involved in activities that help them realize they have the potential to reach further than ever imagined, because in the end, that’s what makes a hero.