Today’s children face many personal and social obstacles. Children need love and guidance through a structured and supportive environment. Each child has unique ways of dealing with pressures by having individual qualities, values, and morals. These qualities in children need to be recognized and respected to encourage development. By empowering our children today, they will have a better sense of self worth and respond in a positive manner to everyday trials and a changing world.

Children learn the building blocks of who they are through developmentally appropriate play. By providing a wide variety of equipment, materials, and activities (both structured and unstructured), the children initiate their own learning experience. With the guidance and support from qualified, caring staff, learning becomes a natural experience. We are an inclusive program that works with agencies and families to enhance the development of each individual child.

The program will be based on rotating theme months. Themes are based on social, community, and worldwide issues. Creative exploration is encouraged within the theme and is done through a variety of innovative programming ideas. Community and city field trips as well as volunteer speakers are used to enhance the children’s self and social awareness. Physical activities stress a non-competitive structure in both indoor and outdoor activities.

Program feedback from parents is essential and voiced through a parent advisory board of volunteer parents. The Board has direct access to the owner and program directors. This provides for effective constructive feedback to the leaders. Leaders are also available for any immediate parental concerns. Together, the parents, directors, and leaders can create a safe, fun environment for children.

For more information on our policies and codes, see our Handbook.